Filthy hobbitts, promise Sanders will come back more powerful than ever

After witnessing the aging Senator tumble into an endless chasm while wrestling with a pro-Hillary Balrog to try and protect those rallying for him in San Francisco, the Hobbit known as Reid promised the Wizardly Senator would return to bring hope to man

The Balrog hissing and screaming something about the 2nd Amendment and being  a mom, before the two grappled into the Abyss

While still unwilling to consider nominating him or stand up for mankind against unspeakable darkness, he has stated “He’s coming back to the Senate. I think that he has the ability to be a tremendously more powerful senator in our caucus than he was,” while absentmindedly puffing on pipe-weed and thinking of the coney stew he had prepared for Elevenses. The Reid went on to say " he can be something much more than what he was" and noting that he had already run through most of his campaign funds while Hillary has been actively recruiting armies of Haradrim from the East and a vast pirate Armada she says will be needed to defeat Trump in November, but then why has she incited the Hill People to war and begun breeding her own Uruk Hai? I ask you that!

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