Hillary Clinton suffering from chronic implosive diarrhea

Woman gives such a shit it ricochets back 
The former first lady is in the early stages of septic psychosis, with her body seemingly redistributing, instead of evacuating her waste, which has found its way into her blood stream, major organs and brain, to put it bluntly, she is full of shit. The situation first came to light when Clinton was attending a black lives matter event, what was at first thought to be tears for the inner city African American"Super-Predator" youth's lost childhood, but was instead a frothy brown discharge burbling from the corners of her eyes. While still contending for the united states presidency and for council seat at the new world order,  despite the rising levels of ammonia and other feces related chemicals in the blood stream, explaining " I have made a pact, a dark pact, one which, as a women, I don't believe I should be shamed for making, nor should I have to explain it to unconsecrated chattel", though deliberately ambiguous perhaps such a pact could explain the hideous crone shambling with her in public and occasionally letting her blood while chanting in runic German and vulgar Latin.

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